Way to Build Trust with Your Customers?

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What efforts do you make to build trust with your loyal customers? Building relationships with your customer base are one of the best ways. In fact, NewsCred’s recent study revealed that amongst millennials, the top three brand loyalty drivers include a great product (77%), followed by brand recognition (69%) and trust (69%).

1. Communicate with customers frequently.


You should just contact customers when you need to make a purchase. If customers feel like every communication is a sale, you’ll dash any hope of building trust.

Instead, communicate with your customers on a regular basis. Consider emailing a regular newsletter, sharing links to helpful articles on your social media channels or providing how-to articles on your blog. Customers appreciate useful information that makes their day a little better.

2. Provide quality customer service in your store


Make sure your customers know that you appreciate them. Send exclusive deals to your most valued customers, host a customer appreciation event and set up a loyalty program that rewards your customers for their continued support.

3. Consider providing customer support on social


With so many of your customers using social media, using these platforms to offer service and support is quickly catching on. Customers can tweet questions and get live help.